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This division provides the following specialized services to the manufacturing industry:

1. Industrial Design and Drafting Services

Industrial Design is related to design of new products, equipment or machine components or the improvement of existing products, equipment, or machine components. We can help you in your prototyping and product development.
We also provide expertise in the design of moulds, tooling and dies, jigs and fixtures, and work-holding devices

Our drafting services can prepare any 2D or 3D drawings. We could assist you in assembly drawings along with the preparation of technical reports and standardization.

2. Mechanical Solutions and Technical Assistance

We provide services that assist with the following operating issues:

Improvement of current manufacturing methods
Better utilization of existing tools
Manufacturing process planning
Reduction of production and "to-market" cycles
Efficient programming of different CNC tools
Increase of productivity, significant improvement of quality, reduction of waste (scrap) and rework
More flexible manufacturing lines

The selection of the optimal manufacturing operation can be a radical change for the positive benefit of your company.

Our technical assistance is also available in the areas of computer networking, printers or plotters. We have very extensive experience in solving different problems. For example, you need to put your Product Catalogue on a CD to distribute it to your customers ? We can do it for you as well.

3. Production Machining

Due to your current overflow of customer orders and limited manufacturing capacity, we can be job-shop and high volume production facility ---- an extension of your production facilities, when you need it ! We offer both - conventional and CNC machining .

If you find any of the above valuable to your company please give us a call.

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