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The Apex Millennium MANAGEMENT CONSULTING Division is
Staffed by : Canadian Businessmen, Executives, and Technologists
Providing : Expert Advice & Know-How to run a profitable business in the 21st Century.

The Rules of the Business Game have changed in the past twenty-five years and are changing very rapidly every year due to:
1) fast-changing technology, especially since the advent of the Internet.
2) the world economy opening up and trade barriers falling.

How Do We Work?

We can take a look at your business and :
1) if your business is currently in financial trouble, we can advise you as to what disaster-recovery measures you can adopt to get back to profitability.
2) if your business is currently only marginally profitable, we can advise you as to how you organize it better, incorporate improved financial management and controls, market your products and services more effectively, and can turn it into a very profitable business.
3) if you are currently looking at launching a new line of products or services, we can help you get organized with the relevant market research, the sales and marketing plan, etc.
4) if your business is growing very rapidly but awkwardly due to the increased business, and you need some help in putting some order to the chaos, we certainly can help in organizing it.
5) if your business is looking at exporting its products to US markets or world-wide markets, and requires some assistance, we can help you in setting up a powerful business strategy to achieve your goals and very good profits. 6) if your business is planning at getting financing for business expansion, we can assist you in preparing your Business or Project Plan or Financial Memorandum.

Our Business Consultants will come over to your business location, work with you and your staff and provide you with the recommended solutions to your business problems.

Most of our consultants are Canadian businessmen, executives and technologists, who have worked in a variety of industries and in Government for at least 20 years. Each of them has acquired a full wealth of experience that can be shared to their clients' benefit.

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